Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Carving Out Writing Time

School has started and I have more students than I have had in all my teaching career. It's always tough to carve out some writing time during the school year but my page count has been almost non-existent since the beginning of August. On Friday, three hours after the halls were empty, I finally packed my cart of more school work to do over the weekend and headed home--and then it hit me. I could spend all weekend grading and still not be finished or...I could commit to spend Saturday writing. I chose to write and it felt like a million bucks. My characters thought I had deserted them. It was good to reconnect and keep the plot fresh in my mind.
Sunday afternoon, I still had stacks of things to do but I accomplished a great deal more because I wasn't resenting time taken away from what I really wanted to do.
So, whatever is standing between us and writing, we do have a choice. We must MAKE the time to write. We will be better moms, dads, spouses, and employees for our efforts.

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  1. In your writing about not having enough time to write, you stated," My characters thought I had deserted them." How brilliantly stated!

    You also said,"We will be better Moms, dads, spouses, and employees for our efforts",I believe this to be true. For when one writes, whether it be for journaling, writing a novel, or just a letter, we are "cleaning out the thoughts in our heads", kind of cleaning house up there and tidying things up a bit. Organizing thoughts, reorganizing, filing, arranging ideas and staightening it all out on paper, or should I say on the computer screen. So in doing so, I agree with you that all of this "cleaning house upstairs in our minds" makes us feel better which reflects on how we act around our loved ones. "Like you said, "Making us better."

    Amy Eckhoff