Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Word Challenge 3 (Monarchs)

I've had more than enough snow for this winter--thank you very much. How about you? With 5 - 10 inches more on the way in Oklahoma, my mind is daydreaming about green grass and flowers.

How about some haiku? (3 lines with 5 syllables--7  syllables--5 syllables) Tap into your creative juices with this picture my sister-in-law took of a group of monarchs seeking shelter from a strong Kansas wind last fall. I'll get you started with my own poem but I won't count it in the judging.

Amber paper wings
Waiting for the strong north wind
A respite from flight


  1. Fall leaves, orange wings
    Lovely freedom soon to sail
    May I come along?

  2. Ephemeral joy
    My heart leaps, then sighs, then breaks
    As they fly away.

  3. Take a rest, my child
    Thou art beaten by the wind
    Fear not, calm is near