Monday, June 24, 2013


As a teacher, I have always had a mile-long list of what I want to accomplish in the summer. Through the years, I've learned that most of that list needs to be checked off during the month of June or it will be very difficult to make it happen. Well--I am facing the last week of June and still have not accomplished my primary goals for the summer. Of course, everything I've done has been necessary, important. I couldn't nor wouldn't change a thing. I had three inspiring days of teacher training with Ken Stamatis of Harding University. I coordinated our annual June dinner meeting for SCBWI-Tulsa. My husband and I enjoyed an amazing trip to Oregon and Washington for a family reunion and viewing of breath-taking sights. I spent one weekend before the trip and one after, mentoring other writers, and throughly enjoyed an evening celebrating the sale of a friend's book. Every activity over the last month was significant and necessary, but I'm determined to spend the next month immersed in my novel--editing, polishing, making it shine. So, here I go. Updates to come.

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