Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dairy-Free Club

A friend of mine sent me a blog post that could have been written by me. I am severely lactose intolerant (no milk, cheese, butter, etc.). When I eat away from home, it is a constant challenge to find foods that won't make me sick. I have learned to not expect meals at a writing conference to be fun. I celebrate only when I can find dairy-free entrees and am fairly certain I won't miss the next session by camping out in the bathroom. Sorry, but this is what happens to those of us who live with a food allergy.
The good news, like Kristen Lamb, there isn't anything that will keep me from learning more about writing and helping others to learn. So, if you too suffer with what you eat or just want to understand the importance of "I can't eat...", don't miss Kristen Lamb's blog post about how she survived the "Assassin-wich".

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